Focused Services for a More Active Population

Salude delivers inpatient and outpatient services for those who are recovering from a variety of post-acute and post-surgical conditions, including:

Salude focuses on providing services that will help a more active patient population recover and return home. Patients will experience a comfortable, convenient environment in which to recover.


Recovery should be as comfortable as possible. Patients will enjoy an environment with amenities similar to that of a hotel:

Patients will enjoy well-appointed, aesthetically-pleasing private rooms and bathrooms in a clinically-appropriate environment. Abundant amenities, such as building-wide Wi-Fi, room service and on-demand television programming will create a comfortable atmosphere. Additionally, a focus on hospitality and customer service will exceed the expectations of patients who are in a demographic that appreciates high-end service.

Though there is a strong focus on individual patient rooms, Salude also incorporates a number of indoor and outdoor community spaces that are designed to promote comfort, healing and “The Art of Recovery.” Artwork is incorporated throughout Salude’s environment, including outdoor gardens and sculptures.